The Importance of a Decent Website

Website ConstructionFirstly, let’s answer the question of ‘What is a Website? Well that is easy, it’s a domain consisting of different pages of information. The shocking thing is, how many businesses do not have a website. In this day and age where people search everything online, why would some businesses not have a web-site or an online presence other than a limiting Facebook page.

If you own a business and you do not have a website, you are losing out on a load of opportunities, and here is why:Responive Design

  1. This is probably the most important point. You need a platform where your customers can reach you, other than spending a huge amount on marketing.
  2. As mentioned above, a web site is much more cost effective than using newspapers, fliers and adverts to market your business. You know what your website is going to cost, and it’s usually once off, so there will be no reoccurring costs involved like paying on advertisement every month.
  3. Your web-site, designed by Drinkwater Designs, will be accessible 24/7/365. Let’s say you have a store selling sporting goods, and you have a web site with an eCommerce store attached, your customers can buy what they want at 2 am in the morning from your online store, and pick it up the next day or have it delivered. This is so much more convenient for the client and you as the owner. Most online shoppers will not physically go to a store to buy something, and if your business doesn’t have a web site, they will look for a store that does have a website designed with eCommerce.
  4. Sales drives your business, and if you are not selling more than you spend then your business is doomed. Doomed I tell you. Anyone can access your website at any time and buy goods, unless you run out of stock, which is a very good problem to have.
  5. Having a website for your business allows you to Market your business online, for free no less. And as you will probably know, free marketing makes any account smile from ear to ear.
  6. Another point that needs to be STRESSED is credibility. Any customer with any knowledge of the internet will tell you that they do not trust a business that does not have a website. You seem like a ‘fly by night’ company that will deliver a service and disappear off the face of the earth. A website gives the customer the peach of mind that you are a real legit company.
  7. So the bottom line is this: EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS A WEBSITE. No matter what you sell or what service you render, you need to be visible online. Let us Drinkwater Designs PTY (ltd) start getting you online today.

Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.
― Paul Cook


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