ICT Consulting Services

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ICT Consulting Services for Greater Cape Town

Why you need ICT Consulting…
Servers need upgrading, but the IT staff hasn’t the specific expertise needed?
You want to implement the latest Windows Server or SQL Server, but no one has the time? Planning a move to the Private or Public Cloud–or virtualization to prepare for the Cloud?

What you need is an IT Consultant. An expert you bring in to augment your staff for a specific project, and assist in deciding which technologies to use and the best plan for implementation.
Drinkwater Designs’ IT Consulting Team is here to do just that.

How IT Consultants Save You Time & Money

Consulting with DrinkwaterDesigns.co.za can be 25-40% less expensive than hiring additional IT staff. How does this work out? Some examples are:

  • IT consulting services help you get more efficiency out of current systems (via Software Upgrades, Virtualization/Cloud Computing, Training on Time Efficiency, etc.).
  • You have access to specialized IT expertise. Each member of our IT consulting team has their specialty.
  • While IT consultants deploy new servers, current IT staff can focus on daily operations.
  • You’ll find out if a newer technology can fix a long-standing problem (e.g. using SharePoint to keep 3 departments on the same page)
    • You don’t have to do this research; we’ve already done it for you!
  • An IT consultant can recommend (and implement) new systems that save money over older products. Like putting a Lync VoIP phone system in to replace an expensive PBX.

And finally, IT consultants save time in implementing new hardware or software. They’ve already implemented the technology in other environments. So they know how to reliably install the required technology.

While we specialize in Consulting on Microsoft Products, that does not limit our knowledge on other technologies in the least.

Get in touch with our expert consultants today.