HostingWhat would a web development company be without the ability to provide Hosting to our customers.

We make use of an awesome company called WebAfrica to host our own website and domain as well as all our customers opting for us to host for them. Reselling from the top ISP in South Africa is the only thing that makes sense to us. With a 99.9% up-time rating, and prices that is unbeatable, WebAfrica was the obvious choice to provide hosting to our clients. Developing on their state of the art cloud servers makes for a quick and painless process.

So you might ask yourself what this means. Unless you are an IT professional or just very intuitive, the concept of Web Hosting is somewhat hard to grasp. We tried explaining it below in a simple way that you can understand. No offence 😉

Well, basically you have a website consisting pages upon pages of coding, images and your Database. These ‘files’ needs to be stored somewhere, whereHosting it can be accessed by ‘The Internet’. The internet is not a stand-alone entity, but rather servers upon servers upon servers of hosted content. Content being, databases, pictures, code, text, any and all things related to what you see on your screen when surfing the world wide web. When accessing this content, you require and internet connection when typing in a web address like, you pull this content from the hosting provider and thus displays on your screen.

This is where WebAfrica comes in. They store your website on their Servers so the general public can see it and find your business. And as you know, being visible online is of utmost importance in this day and age where so much information is available by the click of a button.

So get in contact with us so that we can sort out your hosting needs today!