SEO vs Adwords

One of the biggest problems with companies opting to get a website and feel all important is that when they Google their services they are nowhere to be found. Clicking to page 21 and still not finding your business can make a business owner that just spend 20k on a beautifully state of the art website, suicidal. This is where SEO and AdWords comes in.

SEOThis is where SEO’s and Google AdWords come in. SEO is one of the toughest jobs of any web designer and
therefor it has become a specialized skill. Getting the correct content and keywords into your content and getting the sentence construction just right is not for the faint hearted. Google recently announced that they have made major changes to their Search Algorithm ‘Panda’, Â to mostly look for the correct content. I.e. If you are a lumberjack, and someone Google’s for a tree feller, you will not rank if there no indication of you being a tree feller on your website. So in essence, rather pay a professional to setup your SEO for you.

For the lazy man, you have Google AdWords. This takes about 30 minutes to setup and get yourself on the first page. BUT this comes at a price. I have recently setup AdWords for a Panel Van rental agency, and just by biding R10 (65c) per click on the keyword ‘Panel Van Rental’ my client got ranked 1st.

Okay so let me explain AdWords. When you select your industry, Google gives you a list of keywords that you can choose from. Each of these Keywords, when Googled will bring your ad up, but here is the catch. There is a lot of Car Rental Agencies. So all of them that opted for AdWords are bidding on being ranked 1st. Google will give you an estimate of what you should be betting to be eligible for 1st page. Rather double that amount to be safe. This does not necessarily mean you will pay that amount on each click, but you might. The more AdWords you bee on the better, but remember, this comes out of your wallet.



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